Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Greendragon goes a-kayaking, Chapter 7

Sunset on the water
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The summer season is nearing its end. There's a hint of coolness in the early evening air and the sun makes its daily trip below the horizon earlier and earlier.

I ease out into the lake, into a slight chop, as there is a small breeze this evening. There are a few motor boats out and about, but in general, the non-motorized boats rule the water tonight.

As the sun starts to drop below the treeline, the birds are starting to come home to roost. I pass two cormorants, standing sentinel on some half-submerged logs. They stand so still, they almost seem to be part of the branches. But, as I get closer, there's no mistaking their distinct forms.

As the sky darkens, I head back to the boat ramp but pause for awhile, to just take in the scenery and the gentle but persistent sounds as the insects start their night-time songs.

Finally, reluctantly, I pull the boat out of the water and start the loading process. The end of kayaking season is coming --- there's about another month before the water gets too cold for me to feel safe on the water.

For the first time, kayaking has become a regular activity for me. There's no where else I really want to be other than on the water. It has become my summer haven.

I'll miss this when the seasons change.

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