Monday, July 7, 2008

Food pairings

Interesting article from Real Simple ( about food pairings.

For example:

Pair grilled steak with brussel sprouts. The mini-cabbage like creatures counteract the potential carcinogens found in grilled foods.

Pair tomatoes and avocados. The avocados help you to absorb more of the lycopene in tomatoes.

Pair oranges and spinach. The vitamin C in the oranges helps you to absorb the iron in the spinach.

Do not pair alcohol with energy drinks or diet drinks. Pairing alcohol with energy drinks can cause nervous system stress (breathing problems, heart palpitations). And you're likely to get drunk faster if using diet drinks mixed with alcohol.

Do not pair coffee (or tea, or hot cocoa) and breakfast cereal. The antioxidants in coffee prevent the absorption of the iron that are in most fortified cereals. Instead, drink your hot beverage an hour before or after the breakfast cereal.

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