Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goals for 2008

I decided not to create any silly New Year's resolutions. I never keep them. But, I do have goals. I don't know why having goals seems easier to achieve than "resolutions." Some sort of weird self-deception, I suppose. It's the intention that's more important than the word, right?

...or is it?

In any case, here are the goals:

  1. Create a will: The problem with being single and childless is I don't really know what to do with all my stuff. Sure, there are nieces and nephews, siblings and friends. But, do they really want all this junk? On the other hand, my cousin died a couple of years ago at a very young age and not having a will left his parents with a mess. I'd rather not leave a big mess behind me. So, a will must be done.
  2. Start taking Yoga once a week: I need the excercise. I went to a couple of yoga classes with my friend A and discovered I really liked them. The yoga instructors tend to speak in this lovely, almost hypnotic manner. For a hour and half, I was able to shut off the endless chatter in my head. Ahh...
  3. Focus on positive people in my life and walk away from those that cause pain. I've been re-evaluating the people in my life. There are new people who recently entered my life that have brought me much comfort and I want to nourish these new friendships. There are existing friends who delight me more and more as time goes by; I want to cherish and appreciate these relationships. And any relationships that seem to be terribly difficult to maintain -- well, I need to let go of these...friendships shouldn't erquire extraordinary measures to survive.
  4. Continue to explore creativity. I've been taking classes in glass crafts and I plan to continue. As well as attend more art show openings and in general find ways to keep my "third eye" open.

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